What Is Diamond Painting and How Does It Work?

Let us now see the use of Diamond art Kits.

Diamond painting falls somewhere between cross-stitch, paint-by-numbers, and mosaics. It involves crafters placing anywhere form hundreds to a thousand of these tiny resin "diamonds," to a sticky, pre-printed canvas. Each diamond relates to one of the symbols seen on the canvas; the code of the diamond is equivalent to the DMC code of the desired color for such symbol (just like in the embroidery domain). Resulting in a masterpiece that shines like diamonds in the soči!

Materials and Tools Used

The materials in a Diamond Painting Kit MOST diamond painting kits will come with the following materials:

Canvas- The background of the artwork and where symbols and a chart are printed indicating what color diamonds go where.

Diamond, or drills: These small beads are made of resin, and they are available in two different shapes, round, or square.

Pen applicator tool: A pen shaped tool used to transfer the diamonds to the canvas.

Wax (adhesive): This provides a sticky layer on the tip of the applicator tool so you can easily pick up the diamonds.

Tweezers: Used for moving loose diamonds and placing delicately placed stones.

Popularity and Market Data

Diamond painting has been trending since the year 2015, which sparked a lot of curiosity. Craft stores and websites report a gradual uptick in the sale of the kits. It is estimated that 20 to 30 million kits are sold globally each year, with a big jump in demand over the holiday season, and during the lockdowns brought in during the pandemic, with newfound home-based hobbies.

Creating The Diamond Painting process

Starting a New Diamond PaintingA diamond painting starts with a flat surface that a crafter covers in adhesive, to which the design is applied in the template. The applicator tool is then used to pick up each colored diamond and either place it onto the corresponding symbol on the canvas, or to place leftover diamonds in a small storage container. It is a detailed process that can take from a few hours for a small piece up to several weeks for bigger more intricate designs.

Benefits and Appeal

This is why crafting amateurs are flocking to diamond painting in droves, because this art form offers you a brief respite, a chance to unshackle your imagination without having to master years of signature artistry. Apart from minimizing the stress levels, the activity also helps in enhancing the concentration level and hand-eye coordination. Even better, the completed project presents us with a gorgeous trophy that we can frame and mount on the wall.

Tips for Beginners

Some things to remember for new diamond painters.

Sort your diamonds: You can use the sorting trays to speed up the process and have fun, while not pulling your hair out.

Another important tip is to start with a small design which does not require too long time to finish so you understand the overall process.

Apply a Sealant: Sealing your finished diamond painting will help to protect it from dust and also keep your diamonds securely attached to your canvas.


You see, diamond painting is more than just a craft; it's a tribute to the artistry and hard work that people who love this hobby labor over. This enables the creation of stunning, almost animated pieces of art by any skill level. This is one craft that has the potential to stick around globally as it looks to expand and innovate, providing more complex and more satisfying builds for fans.

To learn more about the diamond painting universe, check out some of the diamond painting dedicated web-sites or forums, it is a whole universe on its own! It does not matter if you have been crafting for years, or taking your first steps in this kind of hobby, starting on your own diamond painting might be a different kind of journey that could be extremely enjoyable.

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